Code of Conduct

Samik Electronics, as the first manufacturer of electronic displays in Korea, has led Korea’s new media industry by pioneering the electronics displays market. Through continuous research and business innovation, Samik Electronics has developed the level of Korean electronic display technology to a world-class standard. With pride of Korea’s first and best, Samik Electronics has kept ‘the customer surprise through the highest quality and service’.

Samik Electronics recognizes that the corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an essential factor to become a sustainable company. Therefore, Samik Electronics has enacted the code of conduct and implemented it as a principle of our employees to apply CSR into corporate strategy, culture and business as a whole.
The code of conduct consists of six sections, which are CSR Management System, Human Rights and Labor, Environment, Fair Operating, Product and Customer, Community Development, respectively.

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This code of conduct applies to all employees at Samik Electronics, and we strongly encourage the third parties including our business partners to comply it.